Fewer simulations, fewer tests, better results

Honda, BMW and many more are already using Monolith AI to reduce their simulation runs for products by 90% and reduced engineering tasks that took 2 weeks to 2 days.


Our advanced AI platform is packed with features fine-tuned to solve component engineering problems. Reducing the need for multiple prototype stamping dies to predicting drag for rim designs.

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How it works

Import your data

Monolith learns from your data of previous design cycles. Import your time-series data recorded from sensors, 3D CAD files of simulated or tested prototypes, or tabular data from a test bench, and import it into Monolith.


Data Cleaning

The data might need more exploration to remove redundant or erroneous values. Monolith automatically processes this data to ensure it is in the optimum format for our advanced machine learning models.

Virtual testing & predictions

Whether it's compliance testing, design validation, new product, or a new testing condition. You can now predict the quality and performance to reduce testing.

If you change the design, Monolith will tell you how your new design will perform. Reducing the need for new tests and providing a quicker approach to product certification.


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