An advanced AI platform
fine-tuned for engineering.

The intelligent platform for groundbreaking product engineering experiences.

Deep learning algorithms for 3D data

Our platform uses algorithms built by our scientists proven to handle 3D data.

Instantaneous data visualisation

Built-in dashboards and visualisations enable engineers to communicate their finding with their team, managers or even clients.

No code required

From non-coders to python lovers, everyone can use our advanced machine learning models with a click of a button.

Historical data value extraction

Built for big data with the ability to handle any data size. Tabulated or 3D files, whether it is CAD files or mesh files.

End-to-end, workflow and collaboration platform

Use our API to integrate with your current workflow and software. Our platform is available on the Cloud or on premise upon request.

Data gathering, labelling, and cleaning

Big data requires good management solutions. Data gathering, labelling and cleaning is built-in to Monolith AI.