An advanced AI platform
fine-tuned for engineering.

The intelligent platform for groundbreaking product engineering experiences.

Collaboration Suite​

Create and manage teams within the platform. Have control over which users can view and edit work. Collaborate by sharing data, and notebooks and results.​

Guided & Automated Machine Learning​

Use our suggestions of the best AI models to use to fit your requirements, including accuracy and training speed.​

3D Deep Learning​

Get access to our proprietary machine learning models developed specially to learn from 3D designs and simulations.​

Explainable AI & Uncertainty Communication​

Quantify the uncertainty of predictions to increase your trust in them, and the relative importance of different variables on the outcome of a test or simulation. ​

AI Optimisation​

Utilise your machine learning models to find optimal designs from your machine learning models based on a set of goals and constraints.​

SDK / API Integration​

Implement a link between the platform and the client's workflows or other web applications.​