Monolith helps engineering domain experts apply AI to make the product development process faster and smarter.

Empower your engineers to spend less time running expensive, repetitive tests, and more time learning from their data.

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Currently, engineers have lengthy iterative processes with limited testing conditions.

Develop designs
Run simulations
Build prototypes
Physical tests
Validate performance

With Monolith, engineers can explore more design options, at less cost and take their designs to market faster.

.Design optimisation

Define design requirements
Understand, predict and optimise performance using AI
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AI software built for engineers.

Your trusted AI partner.

Test less. Learn more.

Build self-learning models​.

What is Monolith?

Using test data, engineers can quickly adopt Monolith to build highly accurate self-learning models that instantly predict the performance of systems in a wider variety of operating conditions. This means less testing, more learning, and ultimately developing better quality products in half the time.​

Why customers use our no-code AI software  

Fewer design and simulation iterations

  • Instantly predict the performance and/or quality of new 3D designs
  • Generate performance-optimized 3D designs with AI
  • Have the confidence to cut long transient simulations short by predicting the remaining time steps
  • Identify patterns and dependencies to better understand complex engineering systems
  • Provide customers with instant quotes for the performance of products in new configurations
  • Accurately calibrate measuring devices across a range of operating conditions
  • Get your products certified quicker
  • Predict readings from missing or broken sensors
  • Understand how objective performance indicators will affect the subjective experience of your end customers
  • Create effective test plans informed by historical data
  • Detect if sensors aren't mounted or connected properly
  • Re-adapt test plans on the fly
  • Quickly identify and correct drift in measurements
  • Know when enough data has been captured

More efficient instrumentation and testing

Extracting value from test data

Find out how to get started with Monolith

Learn how to integrate AI into your day-to-day workflow, understand the technical requirements, and discover how Monolith can leverage industry expertise to ensure 100% customer success.​  

"It almost gives us superpowers."

Dennis Clark, Honda Innovations
Managing Director of Strategic Venture Partnerships, Silicon Valley

"I am convinced this team is one step ahead of everybody else."

Luc Maelstaf, L'Oréal
Head of Technical Design for Packaging, Paris

"With Monolith, I'll empower engineers to develop better products up to 10x faster."

Alejandro Agag
Founder of Formula E

"... AI extends the abilities of engineers to save time and unleashes innovation even without the benefit of CAD access..."

Jean Claude Ercolanelli
VP of Simulation and Test Solutions

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