We love engineering,
how about you?

At Monolith our values are core to how we do business. They’re not just words on a wall, we live them everyday. Our values are embedded in our internal processes so that we’re always reminded what’s important to us and we continue to grow as individuals and as a company.

We are driven

We want to change the world and we work hard to achieve it.. Monolith AI is changing the way engineers use technology and how businesses design products. We are working on the bleeding edge of real engineering problems and so can you.

We are honest

We work as a unit towards the same goal. Everyone's views are important, honesty above all, even when it's awkward. If something isn't working, we talk and fix it together.

We are practical

Initiative, self-reliance, an ability to improvise, and a positive mental attitude are characteristics that help us achieve our goals.

We are humble

We are applying cutting edge technology to the world's toughest engineering challenges; but this cannot go to our heads. To succeed we must liberate ourselves to collaborate with the world around us, we listen to one another, and we value diversity and opinion with equal measure.

Current Openings

Even if you don't find a vacancy that matches you. You can also get in touch and send us your resumé. Talent is always wanted.

“Good work-life balance, an amazing team, and satisfying challenges... is this too good to be true?”

If Qureshi
Monolith Marketer