Monolith at Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2024


Reduce battery test time with AI-guided test from Monolith.


NEC, Birmingham, UK 
May 15-16, 2024
Booth 1225
battery cells and systems

Presentation: Energising the Pace of Battery Development - Achieving Safer, More Reliable Batteries, Faster With AI-Guided Testing

Theatre A  |  Day two  |  10:20 - 11:05
richard monolith ceo about monolith


In the fast-changing EV landscape, battery testing poses a major obstacle to timely EV model rollouts. Dr. Richard Ahlfeld, CEO of Monolith, aims to tackle this challenge by sharing innovative solutions for testing and validating products. Moreover, the session will aim to address two key questions: 

  • In what ways can Machine Learning expedite the discovery of new battery materials? 
  • What are the challenges in implementing real-time monitoring systems in large-scale battery production?

Meet our team  

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richard monolith ceo about monolith
Dr. Richard Ahlfeld

CEO & Founder

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Mark Keating

Sales Director

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Megan Jenkins

Senior Marketing Manager

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Sam Emeny-Smith

Head of Automotive, Defence & Motorsport

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Ensure battery design quality & safety using AI


With the power of AI, you can model battery performance across the design space with a fraction of a traditional test plan. Using the Next Test Recommender, you can apply multiple machine learning algorithms at once to chart your testing path using the fewest steps possible incrementally.


Predict the critical tests to run

Test too much and you waste time confirming what you already know. Test too little and you risk missing performance issues. Schedule, quality, and your career depend on finding the balance.


  • Run the most important tests and skip the rest
  • Optimize resources spent on costly test rigs and facilities
  • Validate your designs faster with fewer prototype iterations 

About Battery Cells & Systems Expo: 

Battery Cells & Systems Expo is an international showcase of manufacturers, users and the entire supply chain working to increase battery performance, cost and safety. The show will bring together automotive OEM’s, electric utilities, battery cell manufacturers, system manufacturers and integrators along with the entire manufacturing supply chain.

About Monolith

We enable engineers all over the world to:

  • Optimise complex battery test plans 
  • Find more errors in your test data faster
  • Forecast results to stop long-running tests early 

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