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The smartest platform for 
engineering data.

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Have you ever wanted to  
predict the performance of a new 
design from existing data – without 
doing new tests or simulations?

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Monolith unleashes the power of advanced machine learning for product development so you can build expert systems based on your engineering data.

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How it works


Reduce testing time by up to 70% 
and avoid the need for prototyping


Instantly predict aircraft behaviour in new scenarios


Save 2 months in product development and reduce plastic usage by 40%

What our customers are saying

Luc Maelstaf, L'Oréal

Head of Technical Design for Packaging


I am convinced this team is one step ahead of everybody else. Simulation is usually a topic dedicated to experts and needs a lot of successive iterations. The tool we have now is so easy to use and we get the result within a few seconds.  Really brilliant!


We are a group of innovative engineering and machine learning scientists who want to reimagine engineering.


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We make products better

Drop costs, reduce waste, work smarter. Use Monolith software your way, with comprehensive support uniquely tailored to you.

  • Get help with complex decision-making.

  • Use structured databases more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

  Data science made easy  ​

AI-Assisted Engineering

  • Streamline your product development workflow.

  • Use complex simulation and test data to discover your perfect solution.

AI for design

  • Predict the performance of new geometry.

  • Use CAD data, and find the best product among infinite possibilities.

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