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Learn from your engineering data to make your workflows faster.

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Empower your engineering team to rapidly reach design decisions  whilst drastically reducing simulation, testing, and costly experimentation

Reduce testing by 70%

Get your product to market faster with the confidence that your AI assisted designs meet certification requirements
I want to reduce physical tests

Reduce simulations by 90%

Obtain productive results at a fraction of the number of simulations iterations you usually run
I want fewer simulations

Decisions in minutes, not months

Current physical tests and simulations take a long time to make, are based on assumptions, or take a long time to validate. Years of research and advanced AI built into the monolith platform allows engineers to reach decisions and insights in minutes, not months.

70% fewer design iterations

Engineers can easily predict which new iteration of an existing product will meet internal, regulatory and customer requirements without repetitive product development cycles. Helping everyone deliver the right product to market faster than before.

Load data from popular
engineering applications

Unlock your data's potential with advanced AI

Engineering creates huge amounts of valuable data. 99% of it does not get reused due to complex data formats (CAD, CAE or CAM data). Monolith is the only AI solution that works with difficult engineering data and accurately captures its highly complex relationships.

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