Monolith is a machine learning software that helps advanced engineers derive insights from complex engineering data.

Companies using Monolith

Product Engineering


Hyper accelerating engineering decisions from months to minutes 
without physical simulations or costly experimentation 

Improving an existing product?

Skip the painful process of making physical models by using Monolith to predict performance directly from previous test data.

Inventing a new product?

Reduce the number of tests and simulations by up to 80% with Monolith's advanced machine learning algorithms.

What our customers are saying

Dennis Clark, Honda Innovations
Managing Director of Strategic Venture Partnerships, Silicon Valley


The reason why we like them so much is they augment and help our workers in these industries to create better products. It's not about replacing a human being; it's about supplementing and augmenting their activities, and that's really where we see, as a company, the value of AI. It almost gives us superpowers.

Our Mission

Monolith unleashes the power of advanced machine learning for product development so you can build expert systems based on your engineering data.

Use cases

Automotive OEM

Reduce testing time by up to 80% 
and reduce the need for prototyping

Aerospace OEM

Instantly predict aircraft behaviour for millions of flight scenarios

Packaging OEM

Save 2 months in product development and reduce plastic usage by 40%

What makes Monolith unique?

Monolith is the only machine learning software
built by engineers for engineers. 

Monolith allows you to combine the information from different tests, simulations, and other sources to discover the perfect solution.

Engineering is about making trade-offs

Engineering is about creating expertise

Monolith allows you to extract more from existing test or simulation data to learn faster using algorithmic methods.

Engineering is about creative design

​Monolith allows you to build machine learning solutions based on geometric information (CAD) to understand how design affects performance.


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