Monolith at The Battery Show 2024


Reduce validation testing time and effort. Get to market faster.


Messe Stuttgart, Germany  
June 18-20, 2024
Stand 9-D54
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Safer, more reliable batteries – faster: expediting battery development with AI-guided testing​

Thursday June 20th, 11:00-11:30am, Room C5 ​
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In an industry where rapid innovation is becoming increasingly critical, testing batteries has presented major challenges for OEMs developing new electric vehicle models. The increased emphasis on enhancing range and charging times to meet evolving customer needs can threaten to slow the development pace needed to remain competitive.​

The solution? The intelligent use of test data for building highly accurate, self-learning AI models. Monolith – a pioneer in the deployment of data-driven, AI-guided battery testing – has seen first-hand the power of machine learning in reducing testing, enhancing learning, and maximising product quality. Harnessed to its true potential, they’ve seen AI improve test plan efficiency by up to 73%.​

Join Monolith CEO, Dr. Richard Ahlfeld, as he sheds light on how visionary companies are leveraging existing datasets to develop safer, more reliable electric vehicle batteries – faster.

Meet our team  

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richard monolith ceo about monolith
Dr. Richard Ahlfeld

CEO & Founder

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Megan Jenkins

Senior Marketing Manager

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julio arend
Júlio Arend

Forward Deployed Data Scientist

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Sam Emeny-Smith

Head of Automotive, Defence & Motorsport

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Oliver Walter

Automotive Industry Expert

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About The Battery Show Europe Conference: 

Meet battery manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, thought leaders and decision-makers for a conference and battery tech expo focused on the latest developments in the advanced battery and automotive industries.

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About Monolith

We enable engineers all over the world to:

  • Understand physically intractable problems
  • Fully explore multiple virtual test scenarios
  • Reduce costs and time investment throughout the whole R&D cycle
  • Increase confidence in predictions & recommendations on which tests to run next‍

Ensure battery design quality & safety using AI


With the power of AI, you can model battery performance across the design space with a fraction of a traditional test plan. Using the Next Test Recommender, you can apply multiple machine learning algorithms at once to chart your testing path using the fewest steps possible incrementally.


Predict the critical tests to run

Test too much and you waste time confirming what you already know. Test too little and you risk missing performance issues. Schedule, quality, and your career depend on finding the balance.


  • Run the most important tests and skip the rest
  • Optimize resources spent on costly test rigs and facilities
  • Validate your designs faster with fewer prototype iterations 

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