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Key Lessons for Adopting AI in Engineering


Key Lessons in AI for engineering

How Engineering Leaders Integrate AI in R&D Validation. 

This webinar is a discussion on the challenges facing business and technical leaders in adopting and integrating AI into the product engineering process. 

Former Head of Global EV Product Launch at BMW, Oliver Walter will share some common themes encountered in his own experiences and as Automotive GM at Monolith, and how leaders in automotive are addressing them, including: 


  • Data strategy required for interdepartmental learning and course correction 
  • AI expertise in teams, partners, and projects 
  • Technical and process integration of AI models 

Who Should Watch:

  • Business and technical leaders in engineering responsible for managing new product or technology launch schedules 
  • Validation and test leaders tasked with increasing test throughput and coverage with limited resources 
  • Product leaders looking for innovative ways to explore new design permutations to improve performance or reduce costs 



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Jousef Murad

Product Marketing Engineer


Oliver Walter

Automotive Expert

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