On-Demand Webinar With About:Energy

Understanding Battery Degradation With AI and Test Data



Understanding battery degradation

Monolith, a leader in AI-guided testing for engineers, and About:Energy, a leader in high-quality battery data, have partnered to accelerate the development and testing of next-generation EV batteries for OEMs and cell manufacturers.


Founders and CEOs Richard Ahlfeld of Monolith and Gavin White of About:Energy will share their vision for how their teams will collaborate to bring pre-trained battery models to the market to make more accurate predictions of battery degradation and thermal runaway.  


In addition, they will highlight their company's current capabilities, and how joint customers can benefit today by leveraging the high-quality data from About:Energy and the no-code AI modeling environment from Monolith.


Learning Objectives: 


  • Learn how to use AI for more efficient battery cell validation and more accurate lifetime estimates.
  • Gain insights into developing an AI-powered test plan, optimising the number of tests required, and improving overall battery analytics.
  • Explore how high-quality battery test data can accelerate your development effort.
  • Learn how Monolith and About:Energy will collaborate to bring new possibilities to the battery development process. 


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Who Should Watch:
  • Leaders in R&D and engineering who work with EV batteries for product validation and certification.  
  • Business leaders interested in AI trends in the EV market. 
  • Test engineers looking to use AI for predicting critical and redundant tests. 
If you are unable to attend the live session, we would still encourage you to register to receive the webinar recording.

Meet our Speakers

gavin white

Gavin White

CEO and Co-Founder of About:Energy

richard monolith ceo about monolith

Richard Ahlfeld, Ph.D.

CEO and Founder of Monolith

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