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The Power of Time Series Models in 15 Minutes: A Deep Dive into Monolith



Join us for this webinar where we announce the release of our optimised time series models. In this session, we'll explore the exciting potential and untapped opportunities that series data offer compared to conventional structured tabular data. Our cutting-edge features will be showcased, accompanied by a live Monolith platform demo, highlighting the transformative applications in industries such as Automotive and Energy.


In this webinar, you will:

  • Understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by time series data
  • Gain insights into Monolith AI's advanced time series model and its key differentiators
  • Explore the diverse applications of time series models beyond traditional use cases

Learning objectives: 

  • Announce the release of our time series models in an informative manner.
  • Educate attendees on the additional complexity and opportunities of series data.
  • Demonstrate the Monolith AI platform through a live demo.





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Who Should Watch?

Professionals working in the Automotive test sector seeking to enhance predictive analytics capabilities

Professionals interested in leveraging the power of time series models.

Decision-makers looking to unlock untapped potential and gain a competitive edge through advanced data modelling

Meet our speakers

joel webinar-1

Dr. Joel Henry

Principal Engineer


Jousef Murad

Product Marketing Engineer

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