On-Demand Webinar

How To Carry Out Virtual Testing Using AI


How to carry out virtual testing with ai monolith-1

In this webinar, principal engineer Joel Henry explains how AI can be used for virtual testing existing data. Joel walks listeners through the why's and how's of using AI or AIE technology to replace testing, provides a few examples and use cases where AI can play a beneficial role, and gives a demo on composite data.


Monolith enables engineers all over the world to:

  • Understand physically intractable problems
  • Fully explore multiple virtual test scenarios
  • Reduce costs and time investment throughout the whole R&D cycle
  • Increase confidence in predictions & recommendations on which tests to run next

Who should watch?

Engineers spending time doing repetitive, costly & time-intensive tests

Engineers working on cutting edge projects and products in the pharma sector

Engineers who want to test less, learn more, and explore their test data

Anyone interested in using self-learning models for complex systems

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