Meet us at the PlugVolt Battery Seminar

Holiday Inn San Jose
July 16-18, 2024
plugvolt battery seminar

Monolith Team Attending  

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Dr. Richard Ahlfeld

CEO & Founder

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Jim Shaw

Head of Sales Americas

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John Pasquarette

VP Product and Segment Marketing

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Arnob Bhuyan

Solutions Engineer

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About PlugVolt Battery Seminar 

Join PlugVolt for a day of in-depth technical tutorials. Learn about securing the North American supply chain and get the latest industry updates on energy storage systems in automotive and in large-scale stationary grid/utility. Enjoy presentations and ample networking opportunities with industry professionals.


About Monolith

We enable battery engineers to:

  • Understand physically intractable problems of batteries
  • Fully explore multiple virtual test scenarios
  • Reduce costs and time investment throughout the R&D cycle
  • Increase confidence in predictions & test plans

Ensure battery design quality & safety using AI


With the power of AI, you can model battery performance across the design space with a fraction of a traditional test plan. Using the Next Test Recommender, you can apply multiple machine learning algorithms at once to chart your testing path using the fewest steps possible incrementally.


Predict the critical tests to run

Test too much and you waste time confirming what you already know. Test too little and you risk missing performance issues. Schedule, quality, and your career depend on finding the balance.


  • Run the most important tests and skip the rest
  • Optimize resources spent on costly test rigs and facilities
  • Validate your designs faster with fewer prototype iterations 

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