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No-code AI software built for engineers.

End-to-end cloud platform enables any engineer to use their test data and expertise to solve intractable physics problems. ​​

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An AI workbench designed for engineers 

  • Quickly design AI pipelines and train models without advanced programming or data science experience 
  • Understand how your design works and which parameters are most influential on performance 
  • Use AI self-learning models to make predictions on how your design performs under different conditions 
  • Find optimal values for key design parameters to meet performance targets and regulatory requirements 

no code ai platform computer vision with data scientists
  • Take advantage of cloud scale for big data and advanced computing power without requiring IT resources, data engineers, or DevOps teams 
  • Build interactive dashboards to share knowledge and outcomes with colleagues 
  • Integrate AI models into your engineering workflow with APIs 
data scientists using no code ai platforms and machine learning to test an ai model
  • Analyse, visualise, and transform your data using intuitive charts, graphs, and analysis routines 
  • Apply advanced AI models for solving engineering and test challenges including optimising test plans, inspecting data, and calibrating systems 
  • Make predictions on time-series waveforms using specially designed AI models 
data science test data being tested on no code ai platforms using machine learning
  • Partner with our experienced services team to guide your team through the AI adoption journey 
  • Learn from best practices and common pitfalls from more than 300 AI projects with top engineering teams
  • Upskill your team with customised AI training and consulting from our experienced engineers   
On-Demand Webinar

Battery testing with AI: 
Build a more efficient test plan you can trust

In the first part of the EV webinar series, we reviewed the latest research on using AI models to significantly reduce the testing needed for EV batteries.  In this follow-up webinar, we’ll show how to implement these concepts using Monolith software.  


Why use Monolith's no-code AI platform?

Reduce Tests to Run_Kautex_laptop
Test Plan Optimsation 

 Using test data to train advanced machine learning models, you can analyze product behaviour to find the most critical test conditions required to validate your design.   

  • Run the most important tests and skip the rest 
  • Optimise resources spent on costly test rigs and facilities 
  • Validate your designs faster with fewer prototype iterations  
Test Data Validation 

Apply powerful AI models to your raw measurement data to automatically inspect for errors.  One failed sensor or wiring malfunction can render thousands of dollars in testing useless. Stop wasting your engineers’ valuable time on manual inspection of test data. 

  • Find outliers in your data fast with intuitive visualization 
  • Catch bad data now to avoid re-engineering later 
  • Ensure your data is clean and accurate for optimal AI modelling 
avoid wasted tests_Dashboard Kistler
Know Critical Parameters to Test-jota_tyre_degradation_1
Root-Cause Analysis 

Pressure on engineers is high to identify critical parameters causing failure, quickly analyze the root cause, and predict how the product will perform in changing conditions.  Using AI models of your design, you can gain deeper understanding of key factors that may be causing failures. 

  • Predict what design changes are most likely to fix failures
  • Identify components causing suboptimal performance 
  • Avoid long delays and uncertainty in the validation process 
System Calibration 

Designing highly complex, non-linear systems that must meet stringent performance standards or regulatory requirements is a challenge.  Predicting which combination of inputs will deliver the optimal output, in all operating conditions, is next to impossible. With AI self-learning models, you can apply powerful optimization algorithms to calibrate performance parameters for key conditions.   

  • Calibrate complex dynamic systems faster and more accurately 
  • Ensure your system or product performs to specifications in all conditions 
  • Find best-fit values across 1000s of input ranges and operating conditions 
Test for Thousands of conditions_Honeywell_3

Monolith AI Features

Self Learning
Self-Learning Models

Use your engineering data to create accurate self-learning models, deploy AI models, and quickly understand and instantly predict the performance of your complex system through model performance — under more operating conditions than you ever imagined.

AI any engineer can use
AI Any Engineer Can Use

Monolith is cloud-based AI software built for engineers. No coding or PhD in statistics is required — just your Engineering expertise and test data.

Complement existing workflows
Built to Complement Existing Workflows

Monolith is not a replacement to the Engineering expertise you've spent decades perfecting. Instead, it complements and accelerates your existing workflows.

Sharing Knowledge
A Platform for Sharing Knowledge

To facilitate effective decision-making, build AI solutions collaboratively and deploy them such that insights are easy to interpret and use in production environments.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Monolith


The State of AI in Engineering  

First-ever study on AI in product development surveys US and European automotive, aerospace and industrial engineering leaders.

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How it Works 

Learn how Monolith works with your data

  • Import data from files or databases 
  • Explore your data with analytics and visualization tools 
  • Transform your data for optimal AI modelling 
  • Model your designs using powerful AI algorithms 
  • Evaluate different modelling options for best performance and accuracy 


"If your model is in your data, Monolith will find it. Built by engineers for engineers, Monolith helps you make better models faster." 
Dr. Ted Duclos, Monolith Advisor and Former CTO at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies


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Monolith AI empowers engineering domain experts in automotive, aerospace, and industrial markets to reduce expensive, time-intensive testing, reduce risks to product performance and quality, and cut product development time.

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Aerospace and Defense
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