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Artificial intelligence for test labs

Cut testing time in half. Let our AI platform guide your process.

You need to speed time-to-market without risking product safety or brand reputation. Yet, you face three underlying challenges:


Your test plans are inefficient

With 50 to 5000 channels, you can quickly spend millions and months or longer on physical testing. You need an efficient test plan but under-testing is risky.

Trust your test plan

You can’t trust your test data

You generate terabytes of sensor data weekly. Unfortunately, errors in your measurement data from sensor failures or configuration mistakes lead to costly retesting and schedule delays.

Trust your test data

You don’t understand failure

Late-stage product validation failures put brand reputation and budgets at risk. You’re expected to explain performance failures and how to fix them the first time.

Understand system failure

Our purpose-built AI solutions can transform your engineering workflow

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No-Code AI

Intuitive, no-code AI-modeling tool and notebook interface built for domain experts.

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Built For Engineers

Unique AI algorithms designed specifically for engineering applications.

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Enterprise SaaS

A cloud platform scalable for large data sets, high-performance computing, and collaboration.

AI at Scale
Expert AI Consulting

An experienced partner to guide your AI adoption, instill best practices, and ensure success.

Introducing Success360

Engineering leaders say it is imperative to get to market faster with revolutionary new EV batteries. Yet, they can’t rely on their current methods of physical testing and simulation.

See what self-learning models trained from your test data in Monolith can do for you

Optimise Test Plans

Use Monolith advanced test plan optimisation algorithms to model product performance and develop efficient test plans with maximum coverage. 

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Automate Data Inspection

The AI anomaly detector algorithm in Monolith allows you to automatically inspect and flag errors across hundreds of channels of test data. 

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Find Root Causes Faster

Monolith AI models allow you to find the root cause of errors faster, and verify your performance targets more efficiently under any condition.

Find system failures faster
Calibrate Complex Systems

Combine test data and AI models to quickly optimise system performance across hundredsof conditions & set coefficients with confidence. 

Calibrate complex systems
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