Fair Usage Policy

Updated October 2023


Why do we have a fair usage policy? 


 The primary objective of this Fair Use Policy is to ensure the responsible and efficient utilisation of computational resources available on our machine learning services via our SaaS platform. This Policy sets forth guidelines governing the consumption of API Calls, Data Storage, and Computational Resources. By establishing these guidelines, the Policy aims to maintain system integrity and performance, while minimising the risk of excessive strain on the computational resources that power our services. This mutual understanding between the Provider and the Customer facilitates an effective and reliable service experience, allowing for optimal allocation and usage of computational resources. 


Introduction and context 


 This Fair Use Policy ("Policy") governs the terms and conditions under which Monolith AI Ltd ("Provider") offers machine learning as a service via its platform ("Service") to its business customers ("Customer" or "Customers"). This Policy is meant to complement and should be read in conjunction with the Master Software License Agreement ("Agreement") executed between the Customer and the Provider. This Policy establishes guidelines and limitations on the acceptable use of the Service, including but not limited to, data ownership, model ownership, usage limits, liability, and prohibited uses. By utilising the Service, the Customer acknowledges and agrees to comply with all terms and conditions set forth in this Policy, as well as the overarching Agreement. 


Policy governance 


 This Policy is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction as specified in the Service Agreement. The Provider reserves the right to change, amend, or otherwise modify this Policy at its discretion. Any such modifications will be effective upon their posting to the Provider’s website or through other forms of communication to the Customer, and it is the Customer's responsibility to review this Policy periodically. 

Usage limitations: 


  • API Calls: While the Provider does not set explicit limitations on the number of API calls, it reserves the right to monitor usage patterns and may impose restrictions if the Customer's API call frequency disproportionately impacts the Provider's ability to serve other customers effectively. 
  • Data Storage: The Provider does not establish upper bounds on the data storage size that can be ingested into the platform. However, exceptionally large datasets may exert excessive strain on system resources and may result in service limitations or additional charges. 
  • Computational Resources: Although specific computational resource quotas are not predetermined, the Provider monitors usage relative to other customers of similar size to evaluate whether the usage appears plausible. Disproportionate consumption of resources may lead to additional charges or temporary service limitations. 
  • Relative Monitoring: The Provider employs monitoring techniques to compare each Customer's usage of Resources against that of other customers of a similar size or profile. This monitoring is aimed at identifying any excessive or disproportionate usage. 
  • Excessive Usage: Should the Provider determine that a Customer's use of Resources constitutes excessive strain on the system, either in isolation or relative to similar customers, the Provider reserves the right to take corrective actions. These may include but are not limited to additional charges, service throttling, or temporary suspension of service. 
  • Notification: In the event of excessive usage, the Customer will be notified before any corrective actions are taken. 
  • Modifications: The Provider retains the right to update or modify these usage limitations at its discretion. Such modifications will be communicated to the Customer with prior notice, in accordance with the terms outlined in the Agreement. 
  • Legal Compliance: Both parties shall adhere to all applicable laws and regulations related to the use of online services and computational resources. 


By utilising the Provider’s machine learning services, the Customer acknowledges and agrees to the terms specified in this Fair Use Policy. This Policy is governed by and shall be interpreted according to the laws of England & Wales. 


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