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Build your team’s capability with AI training.  

With standardised AI training options, you can uplevel your team for a strong foundation in AI concepts, tools, and techniques to be successful.    


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Get up to speed faster with in-person, online, or custom training options.  

Monolith works with the top engineering teams around the world to help them adopt and integrate AI into their engineering test and validation workflows.  Our team of engineers can get you up to speed quickly on all aspects of AI applied to engineering. Whether you need to try 2, 20, or 200 engineers, we have the tools and experience to help you understand and navigate the key challenges of AI adoption and integration into the engineering environment.  Don't waste valuable time learning lessons the hard way - take advantage of our experience to get up to speed faster.  

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Multiple Classroom Training Options
Custom Training for Your Specific Needs
Self-Learning Models
Learn AI from Engineering Experts
AI Training Options  


Accelerate up the AI learning curve with Monolith training and consulting  

Our experienced team of instructors and consultants can help you address technical or business challenges specific to your project or general AI adoption challenges for engineering.  Our training and consulting resources come in a wide range of delivery options:  

  • On-Demand Product Tutorials 
  • Instructor-led Training (In-Person or Virtual)  
  • API Training and Integration Consulting  
  • Data Engineering Consulting  
  • AI Adoption Strategies  
  • AI Masterclass  
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"With Monolith’s machine learning method, we not only solved the challenge, we also reduced design iteration times and prototyping and testing costs.  We are thrilled with the results, and we are confident we have found a way to improve future design iterations. " 
Dr. Bas Kastelein, Sr. Director of Product Innovation, Honeywell Process Solutions


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Kautex-Textron webinar


Use AI to predict fuel-sloshing noise, solve intractable physics


  • Problem: Vehicle acoustics 
  • Methods tried: CFD, physics-based simulation
  • Solution: Predict noise, reduce testing with self-learning models
Custom AI Training   


Custom Training Options 

Monolith experts can develop and deliver custom training material to up-level and align your team’s AI knowledge, cover specific AI solutions that we build with you, and explore more advanced data science or system integration topics.  

Reduce uncertainty with our AI training and consulting team.  

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A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Monolith

The State of AI in Engineering  

First-ever study on AI in product development surveys US and European automotive, aerospace and industrial engineering leaders.

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