Monolith Platform Features

AI any engineer can use

Monolith is cloud-based AI software built for engineers. No coding or PhD in statistics is required — just your Engineering expertise and test data.

Notebook UI

Our 'point and click' interface allows you to quickly build a data processing pipeline: a sequence of steps to explore, transform, and model your data.

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Automated Machine Learning
Automated Machine Learning

Quickly identify the AI model best tuned for your use case, by getting Monolith to automatically evaluate and rank dozens of options for you.

Embedded Training

Our interactive tutorials will help familiarize you with Monolith's functionality, guiding you through a series of engineering problems solved with AI.

Embedded Training
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Customer Support Portal

Learn more about AI and Monolith through our FAQ and knowledge base. Submit support request tickets. Give us feedback and ideas for improvement.

No code software

AI built by engineers for engineers

  • Avoid wasted tests due to faulty data
  • Build just the right test plan - no more, no less 
  • Understand what drives product performance and failure
  • Calibrate non-linear systems for any condition 
A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Monolith

The State of AI in Engineering  

First-ever study on AI in product development surveys US and European automotive, aerospace and industrial engineering leaders.


Other Platform Features

Self Learning
Self Learning Models
Complement existing workflows
Built to Complement Existing Workflows
Sharing Knowledge
A Platform for Sharing Knowledge

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