AI Models Tailored for Engineering 

AI tools designed for engineering. 




Monolith allowed us to understand and optimize the gas meter's behaviour for all operating conditions and optimize meter accuracy under extreme conditions, allowing us to build a superior, more accurate product in a much shorter amount of time.

- Bas Kastelein, Sr. Director Product Innovation, Honeywell Process Solutions


Monolith Team understood what it means to work with genuine engineering problems in artificial intelligence: the needed flexibility and knowledge.

- Joachim GUILIE, Curing performance expert at Michelin


The Monolith engineering team are unique experts in the field of solving scientific problems with machine learning. I trust them to guide our team to get the greatest ROI from AI and magnify our engineering talent and expertise.

- Dr. Paul Gosling, Chief Technology Officer, Thales UK

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With Monolith’s machine learning method, we not only solved the challenge, we also reduced design iteration times and prototyping and testing costs. We are thrilled with the results, and we are confident we have found a way to improve future design solutions.

- "Dr. Bernhardt Lüddecke, Director Validation Global Kautex-Textron

 AI Tools designed to solve engineering test and validation challenges.  Built from collaborating with top engineering teams.  Proven in hundreds of AI engineering projects.  

Monolith is built by engineers for engineers.  We work closely with leading researchers from academia and our customers from top engineering teams around the world to design the best AI platform for engineers.  We've developed unique algorithms and models to optimise test plans, inspect test data for anomalies, and make test predictions so you can get your products to market faster.   We are constantly improving and adding to our toolset to help engineers get up the AI productivity curve faster and solve real-world challenges.  

test plan optimize
Optimise Your Test Plans
root-cause analyiss
Find More Issues in Test Data Faster
Shorten Product Development
Predict Test Outcomes More Accurately
Next Test Recommender 
Optimise Your Test Plan 


Using a unique ensemble of algorithms applied in hundreds of combinations to your design, Monolith's Next Test Recommender analyses your test data to find the most critical values to run next and achieve your test coverage goals in less time and fewer steps.  

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Anomaly Detector - Heat-Map
 Anomaly Detection 
Find Data Errors Faster


Use Monolith’s Anomaly Detector to automatically inspect hundreds of channels to find potential sensor or system errors quickly.  Save time by automating repetitive tasks, find errors more reliably, and avoid costly and time-consuming re-testing.

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 Time-Series Model 
Tuned for Measurement Data 


Monolith includes data transformation tools to resample and extract features from time-dependent data, such as sensor measurements.  With the time-series model, you can stop long-running tests early based on forecasting the outcomes.  

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Time-Series Forecast
How it Works 

Learn how Monolith works with your data


  • Import data from files or databases 
  • Explore your data with analytics and visualization tools 
  • Transform your data for optimal AI modelling 
  • Model your designs using powerful AI algorithms 
  • Evaluate different modelling options for best performance and accuracy 

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