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AI consulting services and guidance for your engineers

You choose the level of support you need from our Customer Success Team.

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Why Monolith? 


Expert AI Consulting & Guidance to Ensure Your Success


Leverage our Customer Success team's guidance, support, and expertise from over 300 AI projects to overcome challenges in creating and deploying AI solutions across your engineering workflow.
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Customer Success Program 


Success360: Flexibility to Meet Your Needs 


Our Success360 Customer Success program has multiple options for you and your team to ensure technical success, business impact, and long-term adoption of your AI investment. 

  • Leverage industry best practices, avoid common pitfalls of AI solutions
  • Learn how to deal with data challenges and workflow integration
  • Use our AI consulting resources to train, guide, or supplement your engineering team
ai consulting services for machine learning models to leverage ai and optimize business processes with ai research


"The Monolith engineering team are unique experts in the field of solving scientific problems with machine learning. I trust them to guide our team to get the greatest ROI from AI and magnify our engineering talent and expertise." 
Dr. Paul Gosling, Chief Technology Officer at Thales UK
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Success360: Everything you and your team need to be successful 


The Monolith Customer Success program and consulting services offer a wide range of tools, processes, and expertise to maximize the impact of AI technology on your engineering results.

Technical Services


  • Product Usage Analytics 
  • Technical Support (Phone/Email/Online) 
  • API Technical Support and Training
  • Data Science Consulting and Guidance 
  • Data Engineering
  • Custom Integration 
  • Data Science Project Development 

Business Services


  • Instructor-Led Monolith Product Training 
  • Custom AI Training and Consulting 
  • Executive Onboarding 
  • Discovery Workshop 
  • Value Delivery Dashboards 
  • Development and Adoption Plan   
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • AI Masterclass Training 
Case Study


Jota Sport cuts car setup time by 50% with Monolith AI


Since teaming up with Monolith AI, Jota engineers can better understand and predict the aerodynamics of their cars by building self-learning models. As a result, they have reduced the number of simulations and tests by 50%, cut car time-to-setup in half, and achieved a 66% reduction in overall costs. 

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